Monday, July 12, 2010

Mexico in a Positive Light Thanks to the Mexico Report

When you turn on the news today, you are bombarded with negative images of Mexico.  With all of the bad press that Mexico has been receiving about the drug wars, immigration, etc, you would think that nothing positive is happening in the country.

That's where The Mexico Report comes in.  Susie Albin-Najera has created a wonderful blog that focuses on "Communicating a Positive Image About Mexico".  Her blog highlights places to travel, fabulous resorts, events, food, charities, and much more. 

I'm often asked by family and friends if I'm scared to live here and if I feel unsafe.  My answer?  No.  There is a great saying in Spanish that I love - "el que nada debe, nada teme" which would translate to "he who does nothing wrong, has nothing to fear".  While I'm not denying the narcoviolence, I'm saying that Mexico is much more than that.  Can you imagine if the international news only covered the violence in our major cities?  Murders, rapes, and school shootings?  Everyone would be terrified to go to the US!

I invite you to celebrate the positive today and check out The Mexico Report!


  1. But wait, the national news in the US at least does pretty much only cover violence in our major cities, the shootings, gang violence, etc. Yet people continue to come here anyway. Why? I'm just playing devil's advocate here, I'm not sure I have the answer. I love Mexico and saw the effects of loss of tourism when I was there last Fall. We all need to support Mexico and promote the wonders and beauty of that great country.

  2. Congrats Susie, I love being here in Mexico and I agree with you the country is much more than what the US media writes about. Its a nice slice of life.

  3. @anonymous...Thanks for your comments. I agree that the national news in the US does cover the violence, but my point was what if that was the only thing covered in the international news about the US? Here in Mexico I've seen heartwarming stories about the troops or people helping people in times of need in the US on international news, but never have I seen coverage on Mexico's Teleton, the innovative things Mexican businesses are doing, etc.

    @Mexicoruss....Yes, Susie has done a great job with her blog - and has some wonderful photos on there too!!