Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Best Opportunities for Doing Business in Mexico

Business opportunities are everywhere - if you know where to look for them.  Today we will look at some of the most popular sectors for foreigners doing business in Mexico.


Canada's number #1 market for their beef exports? You guessed it, Mexico!  Mexicans associate American and Canadian products with high quality and value.  Also, Mexico has no national pesticide or fertilizer market, leaving the market wide open for exporters.

From English schools to computer classes, education services are growing at unprecedented rates in Mexico. 


As the number of computer users continues to grow in Mexico, so will the need for the IT infrastructure to support it. 


Mexico's tourism industry is one of the main industries that supports the Mexican economy and is always open to the latest and greatest services and products.  Most restaurant equipment in the country is imported, as Mexico does not have many local manufacturers of equipment. 

Although Mexico's energy industry has been protected (government owned PEMEX-gas, and CFE-electricity), there is a new trend towards renewable energy.  In order to make this move, Mexico will need to import technology from countries that are already more advanced in this area.


Mexico is the second largest importer of packaging machinery from the US (after Canada).  The best opportunities within the packaging industry?  Food processing, cosmetics and PCG, and pharmaceuticals.

These are just a few examples of opportunities.  If you have a question about any of these (or a sector that's not listed) feel free to contact me!

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