Monday, June 14, 2010

Setting Up: What is a Notario?

When you move to Mexico and start doing business here, you will hear the word notario all the time.  There is much confusion as to what a notario is and what the difference is between a notario and a lawyer. 

If you are going to be incorporating in Mexico, you must have a notario take care of your articles of incorporation.  Technically, someone else in the Notary's office may prepare the paperwork, but when all is said and done the notario is the only one who can sign the documents as an official witness that they are valid.

Many people from the US get confused when they hear the word "notary".  In the US, anyone who takes a test and passes can become a public notary.  Please note that a notary in the US is NOT the same as a notario.  In Mexico, a notario is a very respected and coveted position, one which requires legal studies.  There are a limited number of notario positions in the country (depending on location and population) and notarios must undergo a difficult exam and qualification process.

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  1. When I define Notria Publica for foreign clients I tell them this: They are contract attorneys. They are appointed for life.
    And every real estate transaction and many other legal transactions must be conducted in front of a notario.
    They are well educated, and most of them speak English.

    They are also very rich!