Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mexican Business Etiquette: Tipping

One of the main topics people search for when traveling abroad for work or pleasure is tipping. 

In Mexico, a standard tip is 10%.  This makes figuring out the tip very easy.  If the service is excellent, or you are in a very nice restaurant, the average tip is around 15%. 

What's expected can vary from city to city - for example, most people in Mexico City normally tip slightly higher than 10%, while in Guadalajara it doesn't matter where you are, everyone tips 10%.

If you are in a resort town or at a hotel, check your bill carefully to see if the tip (propina in Spanish) has already been added. 

For people from countries who aren't accostumed to tipping at all (some European countries), you must realize that waitstaff in Mexico does not make a decent hourly wage, so they count on tips as part of their salary.  If you receive terrible service, complain to the manager of the restaurant. 


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