Monday, November 8, 2010

How to Keep Yourself Motivated as an Expat Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is not always easy.  Especially if you have worked in a big office all of your life and break out to start working on your own, the transition can be difficult. 

Here are some ways to keep yourself motivated if you are working alone:

1.  Music - make a playlist of all of your favorite songs, songs that get you motivated or make you want to work harder (Eye of the Tiger, anyone?)

2.  Take breaks - just because you are working on your own business does not mean that you have to do it 24/7.  Studies show that people take breaks are more productive throughout the day.

3.  Connect with people outside the office - if there are meetups in your town or groups that you would be interested, go out and meet people!  Connecting with people online is great, but don't forget about the real world.  You never know who you will meet!

4.  Make a vision board - we all have things that we want to accomplish, but when we get overwhelmed with projects in our professional and personal lives we tend to lose sight.  Take a posterboard and clip words or pictures of goals you want to accomplish.  You will be amazed how much you accomplish if it is right there in a place you can see it over and over.

5.  Get a coach - If you talk to successful people, most of them will tell you that they all had someone who acted as a coach or mentor for them during their career.  I don't care how organized or focused you are, there will be times where you will need someone else to hold you accountable.  Life or business coaches are great because they can provide objective advice based on facts and encourage you to get rid of your limiting beliefs. 

6.  Remember how miserable you were at XYZ Company - Whenever you have a rough day or the doubts about being an entrepreneur start creeping in, think back to your worst day at a job you hated.  Think about the time where you had to stay late on your loved one's birthday, think about the time someone with less experience beat you out for the position you wanted, think about the time where you made the company millions of dollars and all you got was a pat on the back... Now breathe.  Appreciate the fact that you are no longer at your soul crushing job and get motivated to make it happen!!!


  1. Great post! You have them all covered, I will note that the big WHY question is usually the best motivator ever. WHY should I get off the couch/bed?
    Answering this can take some time, especially when you are starting off and a bit overwhelmed by a new business.
    So what is your big WHY?

  2. So true, John... Without the WHY, its hard to understand where you are going. I have my WHY printed out and hanging on my office wall so I never forget!