Monday, November 22, 2010

Groupon in Mexico

Many of you have probably heard of Groupon, a Chicago based company that is one of the fastest growing companies in the United States.  Groupon has recently entered the Mexican market and has been off to a great start.

Groupon takes local businesses, mainly restaurants and other service providers, and sends out an e-mail to its members who can take advantage of huge discounts by purchasing the offer of the day.  The offers are valid for a limited time and only a limited number are available.  For example, a meal at a local restaurant that costs $200 MXN might be on sale for $40 MXN.  Groupon is free to join. 

There are a number of Groupon competitors sprouting up in Mexico including Groupalia, Cuponzote, BuzzUrbano, and OferCity. 

I've personally used the service and think it is a great idea - and one that is sure to be around a long time in Mexico. 

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  1. eugenio

    LOS QUE TE COBRAN SON BIEN MAÑOSOS!! metanse a cuponzote. ahi no te cobran nada.