Thursday, October 14, 2010

Weekly Currency Update: Mexican Peso

Today the Mexican Peso is trading at $12.39 MXN = $1 USD.

Below is an interesting article by Adam Thomson, in the Financial Times about Mexico's finances.

Startling transformation of Mexico’s finances

By Adam Thomson in Mexico City  (Financial Times)

Published: October 14 2010 13:31 | Last updated: October 14 2010 13:31
When it comes to emerging markets these days, it is not often that Mexico outshines Brazil. But this month, Latin America’s second-largest economy did just that as it issued the region’s first century bond as well as the largest amount placed with a 100-year maturity: $1bn.
There is little doubt that the milestone – achieved at a modest yield of 6.1 per cent – could not have happened were it not for record-low interest rates in industrialised countries and investors’ voracious search for higher yields.

To read the rest of the article please click here

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