Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Social Media Event: Tweet to be heard in Puerto Vallarta

These days everyone is buzzing about social media.  There are many companies that have switched their focus entirely to social media and use their website mainly as a static site with basic information.  The real news, hot content, etc, can be found on their blog, Facebook, or via tweets on their Twitter account.

For anyone interested in social media in Mexico, I highly recommend checking out the "Tweet to be heard Conference" taking place in Puerto Vallarta on October 21-24th at the Hotel Villa Veredero.

Some of the topics to be covered at the conference include:

**Getting Found

**The Art of Engagement

**Creating a Community

**Promotion of your Brand or Service

**Viral Marketing

**Lead Generation

**Twitter/Facebook Integration

Social media is really the main source you as a small business owner or entrepreneur should focus on.  For one thing, it's free.  Not only that, but you have the opportunity to be seen and "heard" by people you may not normal be able to reach.  As your circle of influence on Facebook or Twitter expands, your business will grow. 
For more details on the conference:
Vallarta Escapes - Tweet to be heard Conference

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