Wednesday, August 18, 2010

How to Dial a Mexican Phone Number

I have hesitated writing this post for awhile because I thought that most people who do business with Mexico know how to dial outside the country, but the other day when I received an e-mail from a potential client saying "I don't understand how I dial your number" made me rethink the importance of this post (for the record my instructions for how to dial were pretty clear!).

Let's say someone in Mexico City gives you their cell phone number.  "Call me on my cell, it is 1234-5678".  Here's how you would dial from outside of Mexico:


Ok, now on to office phones...let's say the manager of your plant in Guadalajara wants you to call his office phone - and gives you a "4567-8901" number.  You would dial the following:


The general pattern goes like this:

011 (international dialing prefix) + 52 (Mexico country code) + 1 (if it is a cell phone, no need to dial if it is a house or office phone) + 55 (this is the city code - 55 is for Mexico City) + 8 numbers (the real telephone number)

So, what if you are in Mexico and dialing?  For cell phones, you will need to dial 044, the city code, and then the number.  Our first example would be:


NOTE:  The 044 switches to 045 when you are dialing a cell phone outside of the city you are in.

In Mexico and dialing a land line?

If you are in the same city, just dial the number as is.  If you want to dial another city or state, dial 01, then the city code, then the number:

01-33-4567-8901 (dialing a Guadalajara office phone from Mexico City)

I hope this clears up the confusion.  When all else fails and you are stuck dialing, just ask someone for help!

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