Monday, July 26, 2010

E-commerce in Mexico

When most people think of business in Mexico, e-commerce isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind.  Part of this is due to the fact that a good part of the population does not own/use a computer, but things are changing.  While computers used to be something that only the uppper and upper middle classes had access to, today there are a number of programs that allow consumers to pay off a computer
in monthly payments (such asTelmex). 

In my opinion, e-commerce in Mexico is going to explode over the next few years.  Consumers are getting more used to paying bills and other services online, and it is just a matter of time before more companies realize the benefits of offering online ordering services to their customers. 

Some interesting Mexico internet facts:
  • In 2008, 27.4 million Mexicans were online, a number expected to increase 82% by 2012!
  • Mexico was one of the biggest growth markets for Facebook in 2009
  • E-commerce sales in Mexico in 2006 were $537 million and reached $1.6 billion in 2008
  • Travel packages are what Mexicans purchased the most online in 2009
  • In 2007, 48% of internet users in Mexico were female, while 52% were male
  • In 2008, PayPal expanded to Mexico

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