Thursday, June 17, 2010

Medical Tourism in Mexico

The average cost of a knee replacement for an uninsured patient in the United States is around $40,000.  What does the same surgery cost at one of Mexico's top hospitals?  Around $11,500.  More and more foreigners are seeking medical and dental care in Mexico.  More than half of Americans that file for bankruptcy say that medical bills were a factor! Many Mexican hospitals have state of the art equipment and doctors who have trained at the world's best medical schools, so its no surprise that people are seeking out care abroad. 

For uninsured Americans, traveling to Mexico for surgery is a great cost savings alternative.

Medical Procedure           USA              Mexico

Angioplasty                Up to $57,000     $17,100

Heart Bypass              Up to $144,000   $21,100

Heart Valve Replacement Up to $170,000     $31,000

Knee Replacement Up to $50,000           $11,500

Hip Resurfacing          Up to $30,000+     $13,400

Hip Replacement         Up to $43,000      $13,800

Special Fusion             Up to $100,000     $8,000

Face Lift                       Up to $15,000       $8,000

Rhinoplasty                  Up to $8,000         $5,000

Lap Band/Bariatric      Up to $30,000       $9,200

Hysterectomy               Up to $15,000       $7,500

Dental Implant             $2,000-10,000       $1,000

Some of the top hospitals in Mexico are:

Christus Muguerza - branches throughout Mexico
Hospital Angeles - branches throughout Mexico
ABC Hospital (American-British Cowdray) - Mexico City

I have personally been to the ABC Hospital in Mexico City and I can attest that I received outstanding care at a fraction of the price. 

Below is a video of the Christus Muguerza Hospital in Monterrey:

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